Monday, June 30, 2014

Rural Village Program

Rural Village Home
Today, I went to the rural area outside of Mumbai.  There, I witnessed the interconnected network needed for Leprosy treatment and prevention.  The villages were all separated from each other and each village had one or two Leprosy patients.  All the patients completed Multi-drug therapy (MDT) treatment, but all of them needed supplies for disability prevention and treatment. 

BLP goes out once a month to provide these supplies to the Leprosy patients in the rural areas.  I went with members of the BLP satellite clinic, and we saw approximately twenty patients over the course of nine hours, showing how difficult it is for patients who don’t have access to transportation or clinics to receive health care. 
Rural Village Home

This experience has also shown me how extensive BLP’s network is.  Not only does BLP work with people in Mumbai, but it also reaches out to the rural areas, something that is extremely difficult to do.  In order to achieve this, BLP has a volunteer in each village who visits the village members afflicted with Leprosy and contacts the organization if there is a new case of Leprosy.  This is a form of community-based prevention, as the volunteers are all members of the community who know everyone in the villages, and know the cardinal signs of Leprosy.  Not only is this more effective, as volunteers will be able to detect incident cases faster than the BLP workers, but there will be less of a stigma towards Leprosy. 

Rural Primary Care Center
Throughout my experience here, I have realized the need to learn more than one language.  Everyone in India knows at least two or three languages.  Finding that out has humbled me because they can communicate to such a big range of people.  I've realized that I need to learn another language if I want to communicate to a greater range of people.    

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